skFrontend, a Skeinforge 50 Frontend

French Version

Once good Skeinforge settings are found and good prints obtained, RepRap ordinary use only leads to modify a few Skeinforge settings.

skFrontend allows to modify those settings and to run G-code calculation with Skeinforge, without being faced to it's complex interface. Skeinforge common use becomes easier and, if basic settings are established by an expert, becomes possible for those who don't know this software.

skFrontend screen capture

As Skeinforge, skFrontend is written with Python and uses Tkinter, no additional software is needed. skFrontend reads and writes settings into Skeinforge configuration files. Once settings are saved and a file selected, skFrontend runs G-code calculation by calling

User interface can be set to french, english or german. Tested with Linux, OS X and Windows. Installation and use instructions are into the ZIP file you can download below.

skFrontend is free software (GNU General Public License).


skFrontend-v1.4 – January 2013 – ZIP – 15 Ko

• Publié le 31/08/2012 - modifié le 04/01/2013